Ancillary plans provide that extra benefit that you might need...

Ancillary Plans

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Hospital Indemnity plans help cover some of the out-of-pocket expenses left by primary health plans. Cash benefits are paid DIRECTLY to the insured to cover expenses. 

Medicare does NOT pay for  basic dental or vision services. You have the options of purchasing a separate plan to cover these charges. 

The cost of cancer is hard to predict. A lump sum policy provides a cash benefit to help cover medical expenses if you are diagnosed with cancer, helping to ease financial issues while you focus on getting well. The amount you choose is paid directly to you to use as you please.

With the diagnosis of heart disease comes the reality of medical bills, time off for treatments, monies for living expenses, and for some, the cost of high deductibles. Heart Attack/Stroke Insurance helps provide the resources you need so you can focus on your treatment, not your finances. The amount you choose is paid directly to you to use as you please.

A disability income insurance policy provides benefits to replace a portion of your income if you become sick or injured and are unable to work.  
It’s financial protection that helps you focus more on your recovery and less on how you’ll cover expenses.  

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